How to Make a Plan B and Amplify Your Income [WEBINAR INVITATION]

Did you know that having a high income does not guarantee wealth? It’s vital to have a plan B for your medical practice! If you would like to learn how to make the most out of your money and amplify your income, please join us for a free webinar with Chris Gray, property expert on Sky News Business Channel.

Chris, son of a cardiologist, worked out early that despite his father’s well-paying job the family’s wealth came from their family home. In the webinar Chris will share easy strategies on wealth creation through property investment and provide you with real-time expert advice on any questions you might want to ask during the Q&A session.

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Financial Challenges in General Practice [WEBINAR]

It is vital to address financial challenges in general practice to ensure your business is operational. In this webinar, finance specialist Dave Hodge presents an interesting case study and addresses some of the most common financial challenges you might face in general practice.
Questions addressed include:
  • Are the shares in your medical practice company-held in your individual name?
  • Are you currently paying interest on your home loan and not getting a tax deduction?
  • At financial year end, do you have the ability to split out your income distributions based on the most tax-effective recepient?

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