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[3 min watch] What makes skin cancer work so enjoyable?

skin cancer work

What makes skin cancer work so enjoyable? In this short video, Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres speaks about the benefits of skin cancer work and the advantages of working in a skin cancer practice (even two or three days a week!).

[3 min watch] Common conditions and patients seen in aesthetic medicine

aesthetic medicine

What kind of conditions can you expect to treat if you incorporate more aesthetic services into your day-to-day work? What sort of patients might you meet? In this short video, GP, Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Isabelle Jonsson-Lear shares her own experiences in the field of aesthetic medicine, including the common conditions and patients […]

[7 min watch] Skin Cancer Update with Prof Giuseppe Argenziano | March 2021

skin cancer update

In this month’s skin cancer update, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano shares the results of his meta-analysis research into paediatric melanoma.

[Podcast] Measuring patient satisfaction | Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson

patient satisfaction

Welcome to our podcast series on medical business management, Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson! In this episode, Professor David Wilkinson (Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie University) speaks with Paul Elmslie (Founder and CEO of HealthCert Education and the National Skin Cancer Centres) about how to deliver a really high quality skin cancer service for your patients […]

[5 min read] Managing malnutrition in older adults

malnutrition older adults

Well before COVID-19 emerged to become a global public health crisis, the world was already witnessing a much quieter epidemic: malnutrition. Malnutrition, often referred to as undernutrition, is common among elderly individuals, with an estimated 10-44 per cent of older Australians living in the community being at risk (1).  It is a condition resulting from […]

[2 min watch] How can upskilling in skin cancer help minimise outward referrals?

minimise referrals

How can upskilling in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment help you to minimise your outward referrals? Professor David Wilkinson gives some practical advice in this short video!

[2 min watch] Most enjoyable aspects of aesthetic medicine work

aesthetic medicine

What are some of the enjoyable aspects you can look forward to about working in aesthetic medicine? In this short video, Dr Dianne King (Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Medicine Doctor) chats about what she loves most about her work!

Medicinal Cannabis FAQs: Prescribing medicinal cannabis in primary care

[26 min watch] With the launch of our new online Professional Diploma of Medicinal Cannabis program – the first university-reviewed program in medicinal cannabis for doctors in Australia – Dr Joe Kosterich recently held an insightful webinar on the uses and benefits of medicinal cannabis in primary care.

[10 min read] Congenital naevi | Prof David Wilkinson

skin cancer update

This month we look at the important topic of congenital naevi. These lesions vary from the small, minor and relatively inconsequential to the large, gruesome and life-threatening.

[2 min read] Dermatitis among healthcare workers during COVID-19


As part of their everyday work, healthcare workers are exposed to hazards that put them at risk of infection. During the COVID-19 outbreak, more stringent handwashing and personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures have been adopted to prevent transmission of the virus. However, there is some evidence that these practices have had a negative impact on […]