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[Podcast] Practical tips for mole removal

Do you see patients seeking cosmetic mole removal in your practice? In this latest podcast, listen to Dr Helena Rosengren’s practical tips for performing mole removal procedures, covering patient suitability, how to conduct a preliminary lesion assessment, necessary tools and training, and more.

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Listen to the full podcast now:

In this episode of HealthCert’s GP Insights podcast, we talk about mole removal with Dr Helena Rosengren, an experienced Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine Physician based in Townsville.

In the podcast, Dr Rosengren explains the prevalence of mole removal procedures in her primary care practice and why some patients want benign moles, skin tags, and other lesions removed from their skin.

Dr Rosengren talks about which patients are the ideal candidates for mole removal procedures, and takes us through her step-by-step process for consulting with patients seeking mole removal, including the vital importance of first conducting an assessment of the lesion for signs of malignancy. She explains why all moles must be carefully checked with dermoscopy before any removal procedure is carried out, as it can be very dangerous to remove a malignant lesion without appropriate diagnosis and surgical margins.

Dr Rosengren discusses the tools and methods for mole removal that you can realistically use in primary care, including radio ablation. She explores the benefits of radio ablation for mole removal and how it compares to other approaches such as excision. She further looks into the risks, side effects, downtime, and expected results, including scarring.

The podcast further explores the kind of equipment and training that a primary care practitioner would need to carry out mole removal services in their practice, and how they might get started.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above.

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