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CPD changes from 2023: How we can help

Do you know what to expect with the upcoming changes to CPD for all medical practitioners registered with AHPRA from 1 January 2023? Watch this latest update with Campbell Elton, HealthCert Education Advisor, for an overview of how we can help you meet your CPD requirements from 2023.

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The Medical Board of Australia is changing CPD requirements from January 2023 for all medical practitioners registered with AHPRA. All practitioners need to take steps to comply.

From January 2023, you must develop a written professional development plan at the beginning of the year and align your CPD goals with that plan.

You will then be required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of CPD activities per year rather than obtain a certain number of points over a triennium. The 50 hours must consist of three different types of activities:

  1. A minimum of 12.5 hours of educational activities
  2. A minimum of 25 hours of performance review and outcome measurement activities (with a minimum of 5 hours of each).
  3. The remaining 12.5 hours is your choice from the 3 types of CPD activity.

In each of these categories, there are activities that you may already be doing in practice, or that you could add into your clinical work, which will complete the required hours for CPD.

Educational activities include traditional learning activities. These activities are knowledge- and skills-based and aim to expand your medical toolkit. This includes attending workshops and conferences or learning in practice when reading the latest medical journal or listening to a webinar or podcast.

Performance review activities require receiving and reflecting on feedback about your work. This can be in the form of discussions with peers, participating in practice meetings, or developing clinical guidelines.

Outcome measurement activities involve using work data to ensure quality results. It’s measuring the outcomes of your practice. The traditional outcome measurement CPD activity is clinical audits, whereby you complete some learning, recall patients, apply the new learning to the patients, and then reflect on how that has changed your treatment of those patients based on the new learnings. Other activities that fall into outcome measurement category include patient feedback, practice meetings that involve review of practice processes and services or participating in medical trials or investigations.

HealthCert Education – Australia’s top provider of CPD education – provides your one-place solution to easily meet your annual 50 hours CPD requirement and acquire valuable skills for your practice. In response to the recent CPD changes, all HealthCert certificate courses have been redesigned to consist of short stand-alone education modules as well as performance review and outcome measurement activities.

Doctors can hence gain valuable skills in a specific area of medicine and meet all their annual CPD requirements with the completion of one single certificate course from $1,495.

Alternatively, doctors can join HealthCert 365 and build a personalised professional development program by selecting from over 2,000+ hours of accredited CPD to meet your annual requirement. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows you to select from over 200 CPD activities based on your interests and career goals and to stay on track with your CPD via automated progress reports and reminders. For a small monthly fee of $83 (paid annually), you can access all HealthCert’s university-assured certificate course content and upgrade your learning through the add-on of a practical workshop at a small additional fee anytime.

Save $200 when you join HealthCert 365 before 31 March at healthcert.com/365


Watch all this and much more in the full video above.

We are here to help with your CPD requirements. If you would like support with managing your CPD in 2023 and beyond, please get in touch with one of our Education Advisors. You can also find more information on the CPD changes in our recent podcast or our recent Q&A webinar.


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