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CPD changes in 2023 | Webinar + Q&A Nov 2022

CPD accreditation is changing for all medical practitioners in Australia from 2023. We recently held a short presentation with Q&A to explain the upcoming changes, answer your most common questions about what doctors need to do to prepare, and explore how completing just one HealthCert certificate course will meet your full 50 hours CPD requirement for the entire year.

The full recording is available below.

Watch the full webinar recording now:

How is CPD changing?

In the webinar, Hamish Elton (COO, HealthCert Education) explains how from January 2023 all medical practitioners in Australia will be required to complete CPD on an annual basis rather than within a triennium. CPD will shift to hours instead of points. Each year, all doctors must complete 50 hours of CPD activities, consisting of:

  • Minimum 12½ hours education
  • Minimum 5 hours performance review
  • Minimum 5 hours outcome measurement

All doctors must meet these requirements, regardless of hours worked. A transition period will take place in 2023. About 5% of doctors will be audited. The purpose of these changes is to place a greater emphasis on measuring clinical outcomes in the practice.

How can HealthCert help?

Since 2006, HealthCert Education has been providing certificate courses, each consisting of eight modules with a focus on one topic of special interest. In response to the changes to the medical CPD requirements from 2023, all HealthCert certificate courses have been redesigned to consist of short stand-alone education modules as well as performance and outcome measurement activities.

Doctors can hence meet all their annual CPD requirements by completing one single HealthCert Professional or Advanced Certificate or Professional Diploma course. Browse courses.

What do doctors need to do from 2023?

Watch the webinar above to understand what you need to do to be ready for the new system when it commences in a few months’ time.

Watch all this and much more – including several FAQs – in the full recording above.

We are here to help with your CPD requirements. If you would like support with managing your CPD in 2023 and beyond, please get in touch with one of our Education Advisors. You can also find more information on the CPD changes in our recent podcast.

Your questions answered

These are some of the questions answered during the webinar. Please view the full webinar recording for more and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

  • Can you clarify basic or advanced life support for ACRRM fellows from next year?
  • How can one record and report the case studies discussed in private practice?
  • Are the women’s health courses CPD accredited for RANZCOG CPD also?
  • How does your plan cater for those GPs employed within public health settings?
  • If you register for the dermatology course is that enough for all needed CPD?
  • Is it necessary to be a member and pay monthly to be able to meet the requirements?
  • Is the dermatology course accredited by RACGP?
  • Do you have other courses run by HealthCert?
  • How about the new fellow – when are their CPD hours required?
  • Can university degrees (epidemiology course) get counted as CPD?
  • What is the purpose of the change from old system to this system?
  • Will CPD be available in different categories clearly in RACGP website?
  • I am a public hospital employee doing chart review or preparing a meeting to discuss multiple cases as part of my job. Can I claim this time and how do I prove it? Do I need my line manager to state formally it has been done?
  • How can I complete the requirements if I work in clinical research only? Do you have any relevant courses?
  • What HealthCert courses are available for us?


Please watch the full webinar recording above for many more FAQs we received.

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