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[3 min watch] Changes to CPD from 2023

CPD accreditation is changing for medical practitioners in Australia from 2023. In this video, Paul Elmslie (Founder & CEO, HealthCert Education) explains the upcoming changes, how it works, and what doctors need to do to prepare themselves and their practice.

Watch the full video now:

In the video, Paul explains the CPD hours that all doctors practising in Australia will need to complete on an annual basis, beginning January 2023. CPD will shift to hours instead of points. Each year, all doctors must complete 50 hours of CPD activities, consisting of:

  • Minimum 12½ hours education
  • Minimum 25 hours performance review and outcome measurement, consisting of:
    • Minimum 5 hours performance review
    • Minimum 5 hours outcome measurement

Doctors will need to prepare a professional development plan that includes what they are looking to learn in the calendar year and identify the education they will complete in order to meet those goals. Doctors will then complete performance and outcome measurement activities as part of a retrospective report at the end of the year.

Paul then explores some of the challenges that doctors may face with these new CPD changes and how HealthCert can help overcome them. For example, most HealthCert certificate courses will meet the full 50 hours annual CPD requirement, so doctors can complete all their CPD with the purchase of one single course from a variety of special interest fields.

Watch all this and much more in the full video above.

We are here to help with your CPD requirements. If you would like support with managing your CPD in 2023 and beyond, please get in touch with one of our Education Advisors. You can also find more information on the CPD changes in our recent podcast or our recent Q&A webinar.

2 comments on “[3 min watch] Changes to CPD from 2023

  1. I am interested in skiing n cancer medicine and dermoscopy and I would like to know when the courses start and assistance with CPD.

    1. Hi Dr Bromley, thanks for your comment. You can study our Professional Diploma programs in skin cancer medicine or dermoscopy online, start any time, with optional skin cancer workshops taking place in major Australian cities throughout the year. Please learn more at http://www.healthcert.com/scmed1 and reach out to us at info@healthcert.com if you would like to speak with a dedicated Education Advisor about your course or CPD requirements. Thank you.

      Abbie | HealthCert Education

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