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CPD changes in 2023 | Webinar + Q&A

CPD accreditation is changing for all medical practitioners in Australia from 2023. We recently held a short presentation with Q&A to explain the upcoming changes and answer your most common questions about what doctors need to do to prepare. The full recording is available below.

Watch the full webinar recording now:

How is CPD changing?

In the webinar, Hamish Elton (COO, HealthCert Education) explains how from January 2023 all medical practitioners in Australia will be required to complete CPD on an annual basis rather than within a triennium. CPD will shift to hours instead of points. Each year, all doctors must complete 50 hours of CPD activities, consisting of:

  • Minimum 12½ hours education
  • Minimum 5 hours performance review
  • Minimum 5 hours outcome measurement

All doctors must meet these requirements, regardless of hours worked. A transition period will take place in 2023. About 5% of doctors will be audited. The purpose of these changes is to place a greater emphasis on measuring clinical outcomes in the practice.

What is a CPD Home?

All doctors must meet these requirements, regardless of hours worked. A transition period will take place in 2023. About 5% of doctors will be audited. The purpose of these changes is to place a greater emphasis on measuring clinical outcomes in the practice. From 2024, it will be compulsory for all
doctors to belong to a CPD Home, where their CPD hours and annual activities are collated. There will be various CPD Home providers, including HealthCert Education. Doctors can belong to more than one provider.

What do doctors need to do from 2023?

Watch the webinar above to understand what you need to do to be ready for the new system when it commences in a few months’ time.

Watch all this and much more – including several FAQs – in the full recording above.

We are here to help with your CPD requirements. If you would like support with managing your CPD in 2023 and beyond, please get in touch with one of our Education Advisors. You can also find more information on the CPD changes in our recent podcast.

Your questions answered

Please see below answers to your questions submitted prior to the webinar. View the full webinar recording for more and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Q: Why are there changes?
A: In July 2021 the Medical Board of Australia announced changes to CPD requirements as of 1 January 2023. New requirements for ALL medical practitioners (not only GPs).

Q: What are the different activities?
A: The three activities are Educational Activities, Measuring Outcomes, Reviewing Performance. Please see an explanation of these activities in the webinar recording.

Q: Do you have any audits or activities that help GPs fulfil annual CPD requirements from next year?
A: Yes – all HealthCert certificates will provide enough hours to meet the requirements.

Q: How can a GP do 25 hours of reflection each year? If each audit takes 1 hour, that means we have to do 25 audits. What does 25 hours of reflection look like?
A: Reflection is part of Performance Review and Outcome Measurement but will only be a few hours in total.

Q: How many QA CPD points do we have to do for the new era? Do we have to also do up a learning plan? Can we just record hours of attendance on each activity?
A: New requirement is 50 Hours (no more “Points”). A simple learning plan is part of the Professional Development Plan. Yes – record the “hours” of any activity you complete that qualifies.

Q: I registered for a HealthCert certificate course in August 2022 which will possibly be completed in 2023. Will I still get allocated the 50 hours for this course in 2023?
A: If you would like the CPD to be recorded in 2023 do NOT complete it in 2022. Complete the activities and assessment in 2023. When you purchased is not important.

Please watch the full webinar recording above for many more FAQs we received.

4 comments on “CPD changes in 2023 | Webinar + Q&A

  1. Who and how do they decide the hours you spent as an example on reflection or an outcome measurement? Or if I read articles or podcasts, how do I decide or know the hours ? Do you time yourself ?
    The college’s used to decide how many points they allocated to you for an activity How does this now equate to hours ?

  2. GPs, especially solo GPs in remote areas where the internet can be unreliable, will be burdened by more paperwork: the biggest complaint/concern currently on the ACRRM platform. I cannot see why GPs have to renew their registrations every year. If the period was 3-5 years, millions of dollars would be saved: this perhaps could be diverted to improved training of health care front line workers? The podcast was extremely boring – seemingly a pitch for HealthED. There is currently media reports of a declining number of students opting for a career as a GP. The politicians are spouting “attract more overseas doctors” – this is a cop out, encouraging overseas graduates from poor countries to migrate here – an oxymoron. Reference to ‘guidelines’ is a worry: guidelines develop from past data and could be out of date by the time they are published. Guidelines depend upon flawed reasoning: homo sapiens is around 8 billion different (genetic/epigenetic) individuals – categorising into sets, particularly if based on surveys [which are inherently flawed, eg wrt to sampling] – this however does provide a large window of opportunity for exploitation/gouging funds – eg we now have the media reporting 111 new markers of autism/ADHD – there will be a glut of assessors – perhaps the monies would be better spent, eg no fee and no forms for childcare, support the teachers who are “intuitive” innovative teachers who actually love their profession [eg similar to artists], who are controlled by lines of bureaucrats who avoid [or cannot] teaching but demand data for their meetings/’policy’ making. The so called “measurement” parameter is flawed from the start. If GPs would band together we could refuse to comply with this bureaucratic/business model ploy – which ruined TAFE and had universities beholden to Chinese cash paying students. Say no more!!

    1. Hi Dr Richardson, thank you for leaving your detailed thoughts about the upcoming changes announced by the Medical Board of Australia. HealthCert Education (please note that we are not HealthEd) is pleased to continue to help medical practitioners navigate the CPD changes from 2023. Thank you.

      Abbie | HealthCert Education

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