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Research summary: Technologies to detect & manage melanoma

This month’s research article takes us into the broad domain of technology and AI. We are all aware of how these developments are becoming prevalence in our lives – working and social. In our practice of skin cancer medicine, imaging technology with / without focused AI is perhaps the most obvious tech.

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Some of us are using it, some are not and most of us are still grappling with how to best use it. It is probably fair to say that we are “at the start of the tech and AI journey in medicine”. Can we even begin to imagine what it might look like in five, 10, 20 or 50 years? I think not.

The attached article from the MJA is well worth a read – from our colleague Prof Peter Soyer and his colleagues. The article speaks to what is happening now, and what might develop over time.

Read the full research paper here.

– Prof David Wilkinson

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2 comments on “Research summary: Technologies to detect & manage melanoma

  1. Thanks for this interesting article.
    I have been using AI technology here in Canada for the last few months and was able to pick up a keratinocyte tumor on the pinna which i may have misdiagnosed as hyperkeratotic AK!.
    The platform is called Dermengine.

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