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[Podcast] How to manage acne in primary care

How can you best manage patients with acne in your primary care practice? In this latest podcast, listen to Dr Helena Rosengren’s expert advice for managing patients presenting with acne, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management.

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Listen to the full podcast now:

In this episode of HealthCert’s GP Insights podcast, we talk about acne management with Dr Helena Rosengren, an experienced Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine Physician based in Townsville.

In the podcast, Dr Rosengren talks about patients she typically sees presenting with acne to her primary care clinic, including the kinds of concerns these patients have. She explains how she conducts a preliminary acne consultation, and how to determine the cause of the acne.

Dr Rosengren further describes the treatment options primary care physicians can offer for their patients with severe acne , and when to refer patients onwards to a specialist dermatologist for acne management.

The podcast also explores what to do when a standard treatment regimen is not working, and how to deal with challenging aspects of managing acne in primary care.

Dr Rosengren shares success stories from her own practice and offers practical advice for practitioners interested in introducing primary care dermatology to their practice.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above.

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