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[5 min watch] How to set up a cosmetic practice & generate patients

How can you get started providing aesthetic medicine services? In this short video, Dr Helena Rosengren gives her expert advice for setting up a cosmetic practice, with practical tips for doctors starting out in this field, including how to generate patients to fill your appointment book.

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Watch the full video now:

In the video, Dr Rosengren talks about how she got started with her own aesthetic services and cosmetic practice. She discusses the specific treatments and equipment that she recommends a doctor should have in their toolkit when first starting out, including injectables, which is a very high-demand treatment for patients.

Dr Rosengren also recommends having the skills and equipment to provide a treatment for hyperpigmentation, as well as a treatment that will help regenerate tissue and stimulate collagen renewal, like microneedling.

She further talks about the best approaches to generate patients to fill the appointment book and establish yourself as a credible aesthetic medicine practitioner, including avenues for advertising.

Watch all this and much more in the full video above.

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