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[5 min read] Nausea and medicinal cannabis

When considering the potential therapeutic benefits and potential side effects of CBD oil, a common question is can CBD oil cause nausea – or will it help manage it?

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CBD oil and nausea

There is plenty of research and evidence supporting cannabidiol or CBD as a well-tolerated compound. The World Health Organisation and Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration have reviewed CBD’s safety profile and analysed medical conditions where it may provide benefits.

Despite promising clinical trials and growing acceptance among the medical community, as with any medication, there are still side effects to watch out for. Nausea is a potential side effect of taking CBD, but have you heard it may also be helpful for people suffering nausea?

Let’s dive in and unpack the paradox of CBD and nausea.

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Can CBD oil cause nausea?

For some people, CBD oil can cause nausea or mild stomach discomfort. Other potential side effects can include drowsiness or dry mouth. Generally, studies report side effects to be mild and resolve with time or modification of dose.

More clinical trials are needed to clarify in which cases CBD might activate nausea. A prescribing practitioner can guide patients through dosing CBD oil medicines in a way that can minimise the chances of side effects occurring.

Could CBD oil help reduce nausea?

Across the history of medical cannabis, there is plenty of evidence it has been used to address sensations of nausea and vomiting. In the modern medical arena, the cannabinoid THC is more commonly utilised to treat nausea. Used alone or in combination with CBD, there is promising evidence pointing to the use of medicinal cannabis during nauseating cancer therapies.

Emerging research suggests that CBD alone may also help reduce nausea through its actions on serotonin receptors. From the clinical experience of medical cannabis prescribers and evidence from animal trials, CBD seems to have anti-nausea effects at certain doses.

In medical terms, this is called a narrow therapeutic range. Where a specific action of a medication is achieved within a limited dosing range, for this reason (and many others!), it is important that CBD oil treatments are tailored for the individual.

CBD and personalised medicine

Research and public interest are ever-expanding into CBD oil as a plant-based, alternative treatment for a range of health conditions including mild chronic pain, sleep disturbances and anxiety.

CBD acts in part via influencing the Endocannabinoid System – a body system that plays a role in regulating everything from mood, pain, and sleep, all the way to appetite and much more.

Every person’s endocannabinoid system is unique so when it comes to CBD oil, being guided by a health professional with experience in medicinal cannabis ensures the most appropriate dose is achieved for individual symptoms.

Accessing professional health advice also makes sure any potential interactions with alcohol or medications are safely monitored.


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