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[8 min watch] Alternatives to lidocaine as a local anaesthetic

What local anaesthetic is suitable for skin cancer surgery procedures in the primary care setting? In this short video, Associate Professor Tony Dicker looks at recent studies into local anaesthesia alternatives to lidocaine.

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Watch the short video now:

In the video, A/Prof Dicker discusses the findings of relevant studies into various local anaesthetics for primary care procedures and how this can be applied in your own clinical setting, including dosages and recommendations for use.

Alternatives to lidocaine are important because there are some patients who experience allergies to local anaesthesia.

Watch all this and much more in the full video above.

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3 comments on “[8 min watch] Alternatives to lidocaine as a local anaesthetic

  1. Very informative video Tony. Thank you.
    I think I will add some to my drug cupboard .
    Just wondering how the costs compare between Lidocaine and Tramadol.

    Paul Dance

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comment. Here is A/Prof Tony Dicker’s response:

      Glad you found it useful. Sorry but I haven’t looked at the costs. I’d suggest asking your usual medical products supply company, the ones you normally buy your lidocaine from.

      Warm regards,
      Abbie | HealthCert Education

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