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[5 min watch] Lower face applications of Botulinum toxin

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Learn more about lower face applications of Botulinum toxin from Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Jenny Kimmins.

For further information on this topic, you may be interested to learn more about the HealthCert Professional Diploma program in Aesthetic Medicine.

While the lower face is a common area in which patients request injectable treatments, it is more complex. Botulinum toxin is only TGA-approved for certain indications, typically upper face treatments. Any other use is off-label with limited training provided.

Watch as Dr Kimmins outlines:

  • How bunny lines occur
  • Nasalis injection techniques
  • What to look out for when performing treatments in this area

The 5-minute video features a small sample from the HealthCert Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine.

Watch the full video now:


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