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[Podcast] How doctors’ percentage fees affect their income

Do doctors’ percentage fees actually matter? In this latest episode of the HealthCert Education podcast, Paul Elmslie (Founder & CEO, HealthCert Education and National Skin Cancer Centres) speaks with Matt Woollard (Business Director, National Skin Cancer Centres) about how doctors’ percentage fee structures affect the income of both doctors and medical practices.

Listen to the full podcast now:

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Speaking from their collective experience owning and managing over 30 medical practices over the past 20 years, Paul and Matt discuss the controversial topic of why “doctors’ percentages don’t matter”.

In the podcast – aimed at both practice owners and doctors working within a medical practice – they speak about what doctors’ percentage fees actually mean.

“I think what’s interesting is this fixation on the percentage being the magical number, that a higher percentage means the doctor is of higher value to the practice or to their patients or to the medical community. [But] the percentages don’t matter.”

Paul and Matt discuss how the percentages are not truly reflective of the income a doctor actually earns, because it comes down to how much a doctor charges per hour and how many patients they see.

They further explore a structure for determining how much doctors earn per hour and avenues for increasing that figure.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above.

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