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Lecture: Melanoma imaging in primary care

In this insightful presentation, Prof Peter Soyer discusses melanoma imaging in primary care.

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Prof Soyer – Director of the Dermatology Research Centre at The University of Queensland and Chair of Dermatology at Princess Alexandra Hospital – explores “a revolution in the management of skin cancer risk and diagnosis” through new digital imaging and artificial intelligence software, and their implications in primary care.

Watch the full presentation now:


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2 comments on “Lecture: Melanoma imaging in primary care

  1. This comment is for Health Cert, not for Prof Soyer. I have just watched ‘Melanoma imaging in primary care’. Firstly, I was irritated that almost from the beginning, the head of a member of the audience obscured the lowest central part of the IT display. I am not sure I missed a lot, but had the presentation been more informative, I would have. I watched and listened to his presentation given recently, on the Sunshine Coast. No fault of his, a head similarly partially obscured that display. This is simply an unthinking fault of your setup. In the presentation I have just watched, there was no attempt to present the dermoscopic images with their full visible resolution – which I suspect was not high, in any case. Nor any serious attempt to identify and discuss the manner of use of the dermoscopic features that identify melanoma, which are:
    Atypical pigmented network
    Blue whitish veil
    Atypical vascular pattern
    Abrupt cutoff
    Atypical dots or globules
    Presence of pseudopods
    Radial steaming
    Milky red areas
    Shiny white structures
    Regression structures
    Scar-like depigmentation
    Multicomponent pattern
    More than 4 colors
    [Mansour B, Donati M. Invasive melanoma. PathologyOutlines.com website. https://www.pathologyoutlines.com/topic/skintumormelanocyticmelanoma.html%5D
    I have yet to find – anywhere – a discussion of a researched protocol that presents the comparative statistical relevance of each of these 13 criteria, how many of these criteria are needed for a dermoscopically credible pre-histologic diagnosis of melanoma malignancy? Indeed, is a practical dermoscopic diagnostic approach?

    1. Hi Dr Rosendahl, thank you for your feedback. We apologise for the set-up – we were quite limited due to the small space and Covid protocol. However, we will aim to rectify this next time so we can deliver better quality presentations. We will pass on your feedback regarding the presentation content to Prof Peter Soyer so these points can be addressed in future lectures. Thank you – we appreciate your feedback!
      – Abbie | HealthCert Education

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