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[3 min read] Research review: “Ring pressure sign” in dermoscopy

Have you ever noticed a ring around a cutaneous lesion you have been observing through the dermatoscope for a long time? Have you ever wondered what it stands for?

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Ring pressure sign: When long lasting dermoscopic observation leads the decision

We recently published a paper about that, naming this phenomenon the “ring pressure sign”.

We usually take less than one second to decide whether a cutaneous lesion is benign or suspicious through dermoscopy by using the “blink approach”, but sometimes we stop upon a lesion and take more and more time to take a decision.

In that occasion, long lasting dermoscopic observation with contact dermatoscopy may produce a pressure ring on the skin around the lesion due to the “think approach”.

In our experience, whatever the expertise of the dermoscopist, the appearance of this sign may be a good individual guide for the detection of suspicious lesions.

In a few words, if we take longer to decide about a lesion, maybe it’s because it’s suspicious.

vincenzo piccolo

– Dr Vincenzo Piccolo

Full paper:

Piccolo V, Russo T, Argenziano G. Ring Pressure Sign: When Long Lasting Dermoscopic Observation Leads the Decision. Dermatol Pract Concept. 2021 Sep 1;11(4):e2021125. doi: 10.5826/dpc.1104a125.

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2 comments on “[3 min read] Research review: “Ring pressure sign” in dermoscopy

  1. I have generally follower the 5-second rule. If you need to think about the diagnosis – benign v malignant – for 5+ seconds it needs a biopsy. Let’s not forget about ‘halo’ nevi.

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