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[5 min read] Inflamed seborrheic keratosis: A great mimic of malignancy

Our first research commentary for 2022 is from the Australasian Journal of Dermatology, a paper from Spain, that looks at inflamed seborrheic keratoses (iSK) and how they are a great mimic of malignancy.

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This paper, the first of its kind, tested the ability of dermatologists to accurately diagnose iSK. Not surprisingly, the diagnostic accuracy was quite low, and the authors make the point that these lesions (iSK) are very good mimics of various different malignancies, and as such, require biopsy.

I think this paper is a useful reminder that while it is always tempting to try and make a definitive diagnosis, clinically and dermoscopically, in clinic (and of course it is good practice, good discipline, and fun to do this), what really matters when reviewing any lesion is “what do I need to do”, not “what is it”?

In my own practice, nothing is diagnosed as “benign” unless I am really sure clinically and dermoscopically. That is, it needs to be of classical appearance.

Read the full paper here.

– Prof David Wilkinson

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