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[5 min read] Impact of COVID-19 on melanoma diagnoses in Australia

All our lives have been up-ended in so many ways by COVID-19 over these last two years. Many people have suffered significantly with regular and urgent health care delayed.

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There is now compelling data that many skin cancers are undiagnosed, and more so in those states that have suffered lock downs.

The reasons are pretty simple: many people haven’t been allowed to attend their usual health care, many GPs have been closed for extended periods or have had to change how they provide care (in the car park, or teledermatology), and many people have been scared to go out.

This report provides compelling data for a large backlog of undiagnosed skin cancer. It may be worth direct marketing to your patient database and running “skin check days”.

Read the full paper here (page 20).

– Prof David Wilkinson

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