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[Podcast] Lipodissolve injections for submental fat

In this latest podcast, Elena Currie (Co-founder, Aesthetic MET) discusses the cosmetic uses of deoxycholic acid (also known as lipodissolve injections) for submental fat.

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Listen to the full podcast now:

In the podcast, Elena Currie covers how deoxycholic acid (commonly known as lipodissolve injections) is used in an aesthetic medicine setting to reduce submental fat in patients with a double chin or excess fat around the jaw and neck.

Elena talks about how lipodissolve injections work and the history of the treatment. She explains the differences between approved and unapproved products for use in Australia.

She also covers how to conduct a patient assessment and what to consider when determining a patient’s suitability for lipodissolve injections.

The podcast sheds light on some of the risks and potential side effects of lipodissolve injections and what practitioners should consider before implementing the treatment into their aesthetic practice.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above!

Listen to another podcast.

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