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[Webinar] Introduction to musculoskeletal & sports medicine

In this insightful webinar and Q&A with Dr Joe Kosterich, gain an introduction to managing musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries and take a first step into this important medical field.

Musculoskeletal conditions account for over 14 per cent of general practice encounters and are the third most common reason for presentation. Learn more about how to get started managing these conditions.

In the webinar, Dr Joe Kosterich discusses the prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions in everyday GP work. He covers some of the most common ailments encountered in general practice, such as arthritis, back pain, and sports injuries.

The webinar then highlights HealthCert’s new online Professional Certificate of Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine, which provides an important first step in GP training in this field.

Dr Kosterich also answers your colleagues’ burning questions in a detailed Q&A session.

Watch the full webinar now:

Download the full presentation slides exclusively on the HealthCert Community at this post (log in or join for free).

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