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[Online lecture] Depression in men: prevalence, factors, screening, associated disorders and comorbidities

With only one-quarter of Australian men saying they would seek help from a mental health professional if they were experiencing personal or emotional problems, there is a lot of work to be done to improve attitudes, reduce stigma and improve health outcomes for men.

With Movember approaching, brush up on your knowledge to help improve men’s mental health. Watch this online lecture to learn about the prevalence of depression in men and how to screen for it in primary care consultations.

In this sneak peek of the Professional Certificate of Men’s Health, Dr Brad Lipson discusses the prevalence of depression in men and the unique challenges in addressing men’s mental health.

Learn more about groups at higher risk of depression, life events to screen for in your consults, associated disorders and comorbidities.

See all this and more in the video below.

Watch the video now:

Learn more in the online Professional Certificate of Men’s Health.

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