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[Online lecture] Abnormal uterine bleeding: classification, examination and treatment

Twenty-five per cent of women experience heavy/abnormal menstrual bleeding, which affects their physical, psychological and social well-being. Despite being a common presentation, the causes of menstrual bleeding are diverse. The PALM-COEIN classification can help categorise abnormal uterine bleeding.

In this sneak peek of the Professional Certificate of Women’s Health, Dr Sharon Sykes breaks down how to use the PALM-COEIN classification, the challenges in clinical presentations, examinations to conduct, and the best treatments for symptom relief.

Many women will not present with concerns of heavy menstrual bleeding, so general practitioners should routinely ask questions about menstrual history.

Learn what questions to ask, what other conditions need to be considered, and more in the video below.

Learn more in the online Professional Certificate of Women’s Health.

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