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[Podcast] LED light therapy for wound care and acne | Conversations with Prof David Wilkinson

Welcome to this podcast series, Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson! In this episode, Prof David Wilkinson (Chief Medical Officer, National Skin Cancer Centres) speaks with Dr Di King (Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Medicine Doctor, National Skin Cancer Centres) about the use of LED light therapy for acne and for wound healing after skin cancer surgery.

Listen to the full podcast now:

Having provided LED light therapy in her practice for the past 10 years, Dr Di King shares her expertise on the use of LED light therapy for acne and wound management in the primary care setting, particularly for skin cancer and aesthetic medicine practices.

Dr King is a primary care practitioner in Hobart, specialising in skin cancer medicine. She has increasingly incorporated aesthetic medicine and general dermatology into her practice over the past several years, and uses LED light therapy for a range of indications including acne, wound healing, and more.

In the podcast, Dr King explores:

  • the indications for LED light therapy;
  • who should perform the treatment in your practice;
  • how many sessions your patients may require for various indications; and
  • the evidence for the use of LED light therapy.

The podcast particularly focuses on how primary care practitioners can use LED light therapy for acne management and to improve wound healing following skin cancer procedures.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above.

Download Dr Di King’s PDF outline of LED light therapy in primary care exclusively on the HealthCert Community.

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Professor David Wilkinson is a registered general practitioner and public health medicine specialist. Prior to taking up the role as Chief Medical Officer with National Skin Cancer Centres, he was Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Macquarie University for eight years, and before that was Dean of Medicine at The University of Queensland (UQ) for nine years. Since 2004, David’s clinical work has focused on skin cancer medicine in primary care. He has published research papers on the topic, designed and led development of the only Master of Medicine degree in skin cancer, and helped develop and present a suite of skin cancer short courses delivered by HealthCert. He has taught almost 7,000 GPs the basics of skin cancer medicine in primary care.

Dr Dianne King has been working as a family GP for over 20 years, a graduate from UTAS medical school in 1989. She has had a keen interest in dermatology throughout this time and obtained her DPD in Cardiff. In the last 18 years, she has subspecialised in skin cancer medicine and surgery, obtaining her Masters of Medicine in Skin Cancer from UQ. Di established one of the first standalone skin cancer clinics in Hobart with her business partners in 2009, and in recent years has undergone further training in aesthetic medicine. This has proven to be great adjunct to her skin cancer practice, evolving into a business model of the “one stop skin shop” where everything is available from skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, to therapies for aesthetic, dermatological and cosmetic conditions. Di lectures for HealthCert in the Aesthetic Medicine courses aimed at primary care and skin cancer physicians.

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