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[Podcast] Dermal fillers: Overfilled syndrome

In this latest podcast, Elena Currie (Co-founder, Aesthetic MET) discusses “overfilled syndrome” – a phenomenon in which patients treated with dermal fillers receive too much product, resulting in an unnatural and “overfilled” appearance.

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There is not a lot of current literature around the problem of overfilled syndrome, but it is certainly a real problem among some patients. Overfilled faces are commonly seen among patients who have undergone multiple dermal filler procedures, resulting in volume overload in the mid-face, forehead, chin and nose. [1]

Common causes of overfilled syndrome include incorrectly placed dermal fillers, poor choice of filler products, and patients requesting too much filler or too many treatment sessions. Some patients are unaware that they have reached this point. [1]

It is crucial for practitioners to have an awareness of overfilled syndrome to prevent it from happening. Reducing product volume with hyaluronidase will help minimise the distortion but not necessarily restore a natural look. [1]

In the podcast, Elena talks about key misconceptions held by some patients and practitioners around the longevity of dermal fillers and the placement in the face, which can lead to too much product being used.

Elena discusses a process of layering dermal filler treatments on top of one another and building up the desired result over time, rather than administering a large amount of product in one sitting, in order to achieve more natural results and avoid the overfilled look.

When consulting with patients, it’s important to understand what their driver is for undertaking a filler procedure. Elena explains the value in knowing how best to treat a patient to enhance their natural beauty in line with their existing face shape and structure, so that the filler treatment suits the patient and doesn’t appear unnatural.

The podcast also explores some key tips for medical practitioners to avoid and manage overfilled syndrome in their patients.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above!

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