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[Research review] Dermoscopy of subungual exostosis

Have you seen subungual exostosis in your practice? In this short video, Dr Vincenzo Piccolo discusses the dermoscopic features of subungual exostosis, featuring real patient cases.

In the video, Dr Piccolo explores subungual exostosis – a bony overgrowth that is permanently attached to the tip of the distal phalanx, involving the overgrowth of normal bone, which may present beneath the toenail or on the sides of the toe.

The condition often affects young patients and can be very painful.

The video looks at the dermoscopy and identifying characteristics of subungual exostosis. Dr Piccolo discusses the results of a study he published on the dermoscopic features of the condition, including real patient cases.

He also provides expert advice on how to confirm the diagnosis of subungual exostosis through x-ray and histology.

Watch all this and more in the full video.

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subungual exostosis

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