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[Podcast] Delayed inflammatory reactions

In this latest podcast, Elena Currie (Co-founder, Aesthetic MET) talks about delayed inflammatory reactions, including what causes them, what symptoms patients can experience, and how long after treatment the symptoms may appear.

Listen to the full podcast now:

Inflammatory reactions are immune responses to certain aesthetic treatments. Symptoms most commonly include moderate to severe swelling in the treatment area and surrounding tissue, and inflammatory nodule formations.

Some energy-based treatments such as lasers and radio-frequency devices can trigger significant swelling post-treatment.

Injectable therapies like fillers and collagen stimulators can cause inflammatory nodule formations quite quickly after treatment, most often caused by the patient’s foreign body reaction to the filler material.

In the podcast, Elena further covers:

  • The aesthetic treatments which can lead to a delayed inflammatory reaction.
  • What causes delayed inflammatory reactions.
  • The symptoms patients experience.
  • What you can do to decrease risk of these reactions among your patients.
  • How delayed these reactions can be.
  • The treatment options for delayed inflammatory reactions, including the results you can expect and how quickly the treatments work.
  • How you can manage patients’ reactions (mood/attitude) after they have experienced an adverse reaction and what you can do to calm and reassure them.
  • How this relates to the COVID vaccine.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above!

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