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[Podcast] Managing challenges in busy medical practices | Conversations with Prof David Wilkinson

Welcome to this podcast series, Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson! In this episode, Professor David Wilkinson (Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie University) speaks with Paul Elmslie (Founder and CEO of HealthCert Education and National Skin Cancer Centres) to explore some of the challenges faced by medical practice owners and managers.

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In the podcast, Paul discusses the key challenges faced by doctors outside of their clinical work when they own and manage a medical practice, as well as challenges faced by other practice owners and managers in general.

One of these challenges includes human resources, especially the recruitment of good doctors within the practice, managing staff conflicts, and building an effective support team of nurses, reception and clinical staff who will help with the day-to-day running of the clinic.

Paul discusses how doctors can approach the hiring, leading and managing of other doctors within their practice, as well as Practice Managers, receptionists, nurses, and other clinical staff.

Another common challenge is time management. Paul explores some of automation tools that can help save time and enable the practice to run more efficiently, thereby optimising patient outcomes and maximising income.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above.

Professor David Wilkinson is Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie University. He is a registered general practitioner and public health medicine specialist. Since 2004, Professor Wilkinson’s clinical work has focused on skin cancer medicine in primary care. He has published research papers on the topic, designed and led development of the only Master of Medicine degree in skin cancer, and helped develop and present a suite of skin cancer short courses delivered by HealthCert Education.

Paul Elmslie has over 20 years’ work experience with a focus on skin cancer. An early pioneer in the development of skin cancer clinics, Paul operates Australia’s leading network of dedicated skin cancer facilities and continues to lead the industry through HealthCert Education, the world’s first integrated university-assured education provider for medical professionals. Paul has authored books and speaks at conferences all over the world. He has completed business programs with Harvard, MIT and London School of Business, and holds an MBA.

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2 comments on “[Podcast] Managing challenges in busy medical practices | Conversations with Prof David Wilkinson

  1. Thanks for this podcast.
    As always, practical and relevant .
    During COVID, , Practice managing is even more dynamic then the clinical changes.
    So many moving parts !
    Any PM updates on this and vaccine roll out appreciated

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