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[Podcast] Managing staff challenges in a medical practice | Conversations with Prof David Wilkinson

Welcome to this podcast series, Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson! In this episode, Professor David Wilkinson (Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie University) speaks with Mark Lindley (Head of People & Culture, National Skin Cancer Centres) about dealing with staff challenges, disruptions and issues in a medical practice.

Listen to the full podcast now:


In the podcast, Mark speaks about the melting pot of personalities, influences and behaviours in the workplace. He covers some of the ways practice owners and managers can prevent staff issues before they arise. This can be particularly through optimising communication channels and remembering that all employees come to work each day for the betterment of their patients.

Mark discusses the most common problems practice managers will encounter in human resources, including:

  • Communication style
  • Workflow
  • Clashing emotions

The podcast delves deeper into these common problems and offers some solutions practice managers can take on board.

Mark also touches on the issue of hierarchy, ownership and authority within a medical practice and how practice managers can handle this. It is essential that all staff respect the structure and understand who does what job, without assuming that one job is more important than another.

Hear about all this and much more in the full podcast above.

Professor David Wilkinson is Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie University. He is a registered general practitioner and public health medicine specialist. Since 2004, Professor Wilkinson’s clinical work has focused on skin cancer medicine in primary care. He has published research papers on the topic, designed and led development of the only Master of Medicine degree in skin cancer, and helped develop and present a suite of skin cancer short courses delivered by HealthCert Education.

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