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Medicinal Cannabis FAQs: Side effects & limitations of medicinal cannabis

[13 min watch] With the launch of our new online Professional Diploma of Medicinal Cannabis program – the first university-reviewed program in medicinal cannabis for doctors in Australia – Dr Joe Kosterich recently held an insightful webinar on the uses and benefits of medicinal cannabis in primary care.

To address the significant number of questions that arose from this webinar, we have compiled a four-part FAQ video series with Dr Kosterich. In the third video in the series, Dr Kosterich answers your most common questions about the implications, side effects and limitations of medicinal cannabis (and so much more!).

Watch the full video with Dr Joe Kosterich over on the HealthCert Community at this post. You can also get exclusive access to Dr Kosterich’s expert answers to all of our colleagues’ questions at this comprehensive article. HealthCert alumni are invited to join the HealthCert Community anytime for free.

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Just a couple of the many questions covered during the FAQ session include:

  • What are the implications of medical cannabis on driving restrictions?
  • Many patients consume ETOH; what’s a safe limit with cannabis use?

Learn more about medicinal cannabis in primary care with HealthCert’s NEW online Professional Diploma of Medicinal Cannabis program.

Dr Joe Kosterich is a doctor, speaker, author, media presenter and health industry consultant. Wanting you to be healthy and get the most out of life, Dr Kosterich writes for numerous medical and mainstream publications and is a regular on radio and television. He is often called to give opinions in medico legal cases, is clinical editor of Medical Forum Magazine, adjunct professor (teaching) at UWA and a lecturer at Curtin Medical School. Medical Advisor to Medicinal Cannabis company Little Green Pharma and Chairman of Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, Dr Kosterich has self-published two books: Dr Joe’s DIY Health and 60 Minutes To Better Health, and maintains a website and blog with health information and commentary. Previously he held senior positions in the Australian Medical Association and sat on numerous industry and government boards. He has extensive corporate experience in the setting up and management of medical centres and in helping businesses maintain a healthy workforce. Through all this he continues to see patients as a GP each week.

Watch the original webinar on Medicinal Cannabis with Dr Joe Kosterich here.

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