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[Online lecture] Recurrent melanocytic naevus vs melanoma

In this online lecture, Associate Professor Andreas Blum provides an overview of how the history, clinical features and dermoscopy of a lesion can help differentiate between a recurrent melanocytic naevus and a recurrent melanoma.

In the scenario of re-pigmentation of a scar, A/Prof Blum speaks about the factors clinicians should assess to determine whether the pigmentation is related to a recurrent melanocytic naevus or symptomatic of melanoma.

Some of these factors include the history (such as the time of recurrence), the clinical and dermoscopic features, and the histopathological findings from the previous excision if available.

A/Prof Blum shares the findings of a recent study into these differentiating factors, describing how diagnosticians can use these techniques in their practice for earlier and more accurate diagnosis of recurrent melanoma, with real patient case studies.

Watch the video now:

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