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[Online lecture] Gut health and nutrition

In this online lecture, Dietitian Josh Reed talks about gut health and the management of related conditions in primary care, including how to recognise symptoms and plan treatment recommendations.

Josh discusses what gut health actually encompasses and what good gut health looks like, including all the factors a GP needs to consider for a comprehensive picture of a patient’s gut health. He breaks down the five major criteria general practitioners should consider when putting together a medical nutrition plan for patients with GI issues.

Josh explains how digestion and absorption works, including the anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

The online lecture also covers the different GI issues that patients can experience and what role dietitians play in managing these issues, including how and when GPs can refer to a dietitian.

Watch the video now:

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Josh Reed | BNutrDiet, CertIVFit | Dietitian, APD | Accredited Sports Dietitian | Accredited Personal Trainer

Specialising in digestive health, food intolerance, IBS, the low FODMAPS diet, plant-based nutrition, as well as motivation and fitness, Josh takes on a holistic-nutrition-fitness-mind-body approach to wellness. As an Accredited Dietitian, Josh delivers comprehensive nutrition assessments, interventions and personalised meal planning, with the addition of fitness education, skill development and tailored workouts. Josh is the founder of Reed Nutrition, a Dietetic consulting service based in Byron Bay, as well as the founder and operator of Reed Fit, a personal training, nutrition and health coaching business located across the North Coast of NSW. On top of his dietetic consulting service and personal training, Josh delivers a number of health promotion workshops, writes for various health publications and guest speaks at seminars.

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