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[3 min watch] What makes skin cancer work so enjoyable?

What makes skin cancer work so enjoyable? In this short video, Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres speaks about the benefits of skin cancer work and the advantages of working in a skin cancer practice (even two or three days a week!).

Dr Ayres – who is a full-time Skin Cancer Doctor at a Melbourne skin cancer clinic and teaches the HealthCert Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine – explains the benefits of always knowing what will walk through your door, avoiding that uncertainty in your day to day work.

He speaks about the advantages of becoming very good at one skill and the professional pride that comes with saving lives every day. Skin cancer work is also typically very structured while still varied enough to be interesting – with time for skin checks, minor procedures and surgery throughout the week.

Plus, doctors can enjoy more hands-on work in their everyday practice!

Hear all this and much more in the full video.

Watch the full video now:

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