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[3 min watch] Common conditions and patients seen in aesthetic medicine

What kind of conditions can you expect to treat if you incorporate more aesthetic services into your day-to-day work? What sort of patients might you meet? In this short video, GP, Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Isabelle Jonsson-Lear shares her own experiences in the field of aesthetic medicine, including the common conditions and patients she sees in her practice.

Some of the most common conditions include crow’s feet around the eyes – especially in women who are just starting to see the effects of ageing – and sun damage, which manifests into pigmentation and skin laxity.

A very common condition Dr Jonsson-Lear treats in men is vascular problems in the face, where spider veins and blotchy pigmentation cause them to look like heavy drinkers when really it is just the effects of sun damage. Vast improvements can be made to the appearance and quality of life of these patients.

Other common conditions include seborrheic keratosis, enlarged pores, skin cancer and more. Do you already see these sorts of presentations in your practice?

Watch the full video now:

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