Invitation to join RACGP Special Interests Dermatology

If you are a general practitioner with a special interest in general dermatology and would like to have input at the national RACGP level, HealthCert Education alumni are invited to join the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Specific Interests (RACGP SI) Dermatology body. Dr Jeremy Hudson, Chair of RACGP SI Dermatology, extends this invitation in the below letter.

Dear friends and colleagues,

For those of you not already members, RACGP Specific Interests Dermatology is a body of approximately 2,500 GPs who officially work under the RACGP as a grass-roots body to raise contemporary issues and assist with policy development.

Paul Elmslie (Founder & CEO of HealthCert Education) and I had a great discussion about ongoing advocacy for GPs who work in the area of general dermatology, and the wide range of training available.

General dermatology is becoming one of the first recognised specialties under the RACGP Post-Fellowship Recognition Framework. Hopefully this is the first step of many to further the recognition of your ongoing effort and training.

If you want to have direct input into the RACGP either raising issues or developing solutions, I would encourage you to register for the RACGP SI Dermatology group: RACGP – RACGP Specific Interests

I will be sending out a survey to GPSI members in the next few weeks to canvas for topics of particular interest, and we will form working groups following this.

Thanks for continuing to enthusiastically raise issues and make a real difference.


Dr Jeremy Hudson
Chair of Dermatology SI RACGP

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