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[3 min watch] How to manage patient complaints

How can you manage unhappy patients and complaints in your medical practice? In this short video, Paul Elmslie (CEO & Founder of National Skin Cancer Centres) shares his expert advice for solving your patients’ problems and handling complaints in a busy medical practice.

Paul talks about two different types of patients: those who are in front of you in the medical practice, and those who give negative feedback in a patient experience survey. For the former category, Paul discusses how you can de-escalate complaints to avoid a public spectacle.

For the latter category, Paul talks about how to converse with unhappy patients to uncover what specific part of their experience failed to meet their expectations, and gives tips for remedying the situation and learning from your experiences.

Ultimately, Paul shares how to turn a detractor (a patient who wants to share their unhappy experience with their friends and family) into a promoter (because you took the time to listen to their feedback and do something about it).

Watch the full video now:

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