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[2 min watch] How to fill your appointment book with cosmetic patients

If you are just starting out in aesthetic medicine – or perhaps experiencing a lull in patients booking these services at your practice – there are a few ways to achieve a boost in your booking numbers. In this short video, GP and Aesthetic Doctor Isabelle Jonsson-Lear gives practical tips for filling your appointment book with cosmetic patients.

Some of the advice Dr Jonsson-Lear shares includes offering free consultations with your Skin Therapists or Aesthetic Nurses to get patients through the door for a taste of your services. Your Skin Therapist can help your patients work out their concerns and develop a management plan with them.

Additionally, Dr Jonsson-Lear recommends keeping your website and social media channels up-to-date with your service offerings and promotions.

Another initiative to fill your appointment book may be patient education evenings and open days on weekends, because patients are more likely to come back for treatments when they are fully informed.

See all this and more in the short video!

Watch the full video now:

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