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[2 min watch] Choosing the right support staff for your aesthetic practice

If you are considering starting up an cosmetic practice or implementing aesthetic services into your existing general practice or skin cancer clinic, you might wonder how best to choose the support staff who will work alongside you. Do you hire new staff or re-train your existing team? When is the right time to recruit a Skin Therapist or do you even need one at all?

In this short video, GP and Aesthetic Doctor Isabelle Jonsson-Lear talks about her own experiences getting started in cosmetic medicine and describes how she identified the right staff for her budding aesthetic practice.

Dr Jonsson-Lear speaks about her journey getting started in the field – growing from her GP roots – including which aesthetic treatments she offered in the beginning, and her own thoughts about hiring and re-training staff to support the delivery of the new services.

Watch the full video now:

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