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[2 min watch] Starting out in aesthetic medicine: How to get your colleagues’ support

When you start implementing aesthetic services into your general practice or skin cancer clinic, you might initially find it challenging to get your colleagues’ support. In this short video, Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Doctor Dianne King shares her experiences with starting out in aesthetic medicine and offers some advice for gaining the support of your team.

Dr King talks about the benefits of familiarising the other doctors in your practice with what services you will be offering, as this allows them to experience the treatments for themselves and recognise their medical importance.

Dr King also highlights the significance of getting all your staff (from receptionists to nurses and dermal therapists) on board as soon as possible, so they can be comfortable in speaking with patients about the new services straight away.

Offering your support staff free treatments and demonstrations can help familiarise them with treatments very quickly; it helps if front-of-house staff are equipped with an in-depth understanding of how everything works so they can confidently address patients’ concerns.

These tips and many more are addressed in this short video.

Watch the full video now:

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