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[2 min watch] Top 3 tips for decreasing pain from injections

Do you see patients with a fear of needles? In this short video, Dr Tony Dicker provides his top three tips for decreasing pain from injections and making procedures more pleasant for your patients.

Dr Dicker talks about how to stretch the skin, buffer anaesthesia and distract the patient to make injections easier to manage in primary care. He also gives some practical advice on how to reduce patients’ pain after a skin surgery procedure, including the application of ice packs to reduce swelling and minimise pain.

Watch the full video here:

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One comment on “[2 min watch] Top 3 tips for decreasing pain from injections

  1. Nice video. Could you please explain how the ice is applied because there will be a dressing over the wound. Wouldn’t that get the wound wet and if so, doesn’t that increase the risk of infection if they have to take the dressing off to apply the ice?

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