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[WEBINAR] 2020 CommBank GP Insights Report

In this webinar, CommBank presents its 2020 GP Insights Report, helping doctors and practice owners to gain important insights into patient satisfaction, practice loyalty, and areas that drive patient measurement of quality of care.

Coronavirus brought both challenges and opportunities to general practices. In the early months of the pandemic, 27 per cent of patients surveyed claim to have avoided visiting a practice out of fear of contracting the virus. This was despite protective measures put in place and government encouragement to not defer medical appointments.

As such, revenue has fallen at many practices, at a time where the costs of running a practice continue to rise. The response of practices to maintain revenue growth and meet emerging patient preferences is the focus of the 2020 CommBank GP Insights Report.

A must-watch for Australian GPs, the one-hour webinar is delivered by Belinda Haggerty (National Head of Healthcare, Commonwealth Bank), Jonathan Foyer (National Director, CommBank Health), and Paul Elmslie (CEO and Founder, HealthCert & National Skin Cancer Centres).

Watch the full webinar recording now:

Some questions asked by your colleagues during the webinar:

  1. Recently, more corporates are selling off their GP clinics. Is ownership of GP clinics not financially lucrative anymore?

  2. When is the right time to invest in stocks?

  3. Some skin cancer services are bulk billed and some are charged at very high prices with plastic surgeons. How do we establish our brand in the middle?

  4. What will life be like after the COVID-19 vaccine?

  5. I would love to see a report on industry-wide benchmarking regarding financial ratios.

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