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[8 min read] Burden of skin cancer in Australia | Prof David Wilkinson

For a really useful, powerful and insightful overview of the situation with skin cancer in Australia, I recommend a new article published in the MJA to “celebrate” National Skin Cancer Action Week.

As we all know, the burden of skin cancer in Australia is huge, and we lead the world both in burden and (importantly) in terms of response.

Much progress has been made in care and research, while more can still be done especially in training through the continuum from medical school to GP training and beyond.

Read the article here.

Prof David Wilkinson

Skin Cancer Certificate Courses in Australia

Read more from Professor David Wilkinson on recent research:

One comment on “[8 min read] Burden of skin cancer in Australia | Prof David Wilkinson

  1. Thank you for the effort by everybody.
    I still entertain the idea of setting up a national body of ‘skin cancer body’ who can confer the title of ‘skin cancer doctor’ who have completed a certain number of trainings.
    It is good that a lot of GP have improve in the use of dermatoscope. But there is only a few who will are ‘qualified’ and willing to do proper full skin check with some degree of confidence. In our city I will probably name 3 or 4 who will fit that category and who get the referral from GP colleagues.

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