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[2 min watch] How to choose the right skin biopsy technique

If you perform skin biopsies in your practice, catch Skin Cancer Doctor Hamilton Ayres’ top tips for choosing the right biopsy technique. In this short video, Dr Ayres provides advice on skin cancer management in primary care, including different biopsy procedures for suspicious lesions.

He covers shave and punch biopsies, partial and complete biopsies, and complete excision biopsies, and talks about the circumstances in which each of these biopsy techniques would be required.

Dr Ayres suggests that clinicians must first ask what they are trying to prove from the biopsy before performing the procedure, as this will determine the type of technique used. This will avoid an insufficient sample and help provide the pathologist with the correct information to make a definitive diagnosis, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Watch the full video here:

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One comment on “[2 min watch] How to choose the right skin biopsy technique

  1. Hi, I find that complete shave removals aren’t mentioned enough but I probably understand why. I’ve had many in-situ melanomas diagnosed appropriately with shave removal. I also feel they’re often appropriate for KA’s, and when margins are clear, fine for moderately dysplastic naevi.

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