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[WEBINAR] Introduction to dermatology: Facial skin conditions

With the shift to wearing face masks in many states and areas of Australia, skin conditions affecting the face are increasing in prevalence, particularly acne, rosacea and facial dermatitis. In this interactive webinar, specialist Dermatologist Dr Niyati Sharma presents on skin conditions affecting the face.

Aimed to refresh your knowledge and enrich your practice, the webinar covers:

  • Common skin conditions of the face
  • Most effective management protocols for each condition
  • Role of skincare in maintenance and prevention

Watch the full webinar recording now:

The webinar is delivered in collaboration with La Roche-Posay and CeraVe. Click here to download a summary guide on the management of facial skin conditions related to wearing face masks.

Some of your colleagues’ questions addressed during the webinar include:

Q: What oral contraceptives do you think work best for acne control?
A: Yax or Yasmin work best for acne control.

Q: As a GP, can I prescribe oral retinol for acne or does it have to be by a specialist?
A: Oral retinol is always initiated by a specialist.

Q: Do you always give oral contraceptives, even in adolescent girls, with isotretinoin?
A: Sometimes it is not culturally or religiously appropriate.

Q: When should I search for demodex foll. in rosacea?
A: You don’t always have to go looking for it unless there is no improvement despite topical ivermectin.

Q: Can rosacea, lupus and seborrhoea be differentiated by skin biopsy?
A: Yes. The main reason to do a biopsy is to rule out lupus, especially if we are doing a biopsy on the face. We are clinically able to differentiate the rest.

Q: Can nUVB phototherapy be used for erythrotelangetatsis type of rosacea as treatment?
A: No. You might mean vascular laser.

Q: Could you please mention the name of the medical nutrition website again?
A: nutrionfacts.org

Q: Are there any clinical signs in rosacea to help us decide whether demodex could be present in the skin?
A: Yes – papular pustular component.

Q: How can I differentiate between eczema, seborrhoea, and rocasea? Skin biopsy can differentiate?
A: Look at the distribution and morphology of the rash. This is another talk for another time.

Q: If bullae occur over forehead and temporal region, can we consider herpes zoster of opthalmic division?
A: Herpes zoster is always the first and foremost diagnosis to rule out if there is painful eruption.

Q: What is an alternative toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride?
A: Grants Australia or kids toothpaste.

Q: If you do refer for oral tretinoin, do you want LFTs with the referral?
A: We love that but add fasting cholesterol/lipids and pregnancy test if female, but not necessary.

Q: What about Mirvaso? Do you use it for rosacea and do you have problems with rebound flushing?
A: Yes, but it’s an expensive medication and not the best in my opinion. Vascular laser trial is another option.

Q: Eyelid eczema suggestions?
A: Elidel or tacrolimus ointment/cream.

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