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[2 min watch] Common mistakes to avoid in dermoscopy

What are some of the common mistakes made in dermoscopy and how can you avoid them? In this short video, Professor Cliff Rosendahl shares the most common mistakes he sees in dermoscopy and offers advice for how you can circumvent them in your day-to-day practice.

Prof Rosendahl talks about the benefits of photographic documentation of skin lesions, the importance of GP education, and minimising medico-legal risks.

Watch the full video now:

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One comment on “[2 min watch] Common mistakes to avoid in dermoscopy

  1. What Cliffs commentary doesn’t acknowledge, perhaps because he hasn’t ever been litigated against, is the significant stress that litigation generates for medical personnel. Having endured that as a young surgeon I was totally unprepared for the impact,not only on my medical thinking, but also on my family. Those who have experienced it, and mine went on for two years during which time there was much legal assassination of character and of my ability. It helps little that international medical/surgical advisors indicated no fault. The desire to seek redress from a misplaced plaintive, to try and address some of the psychological consequences, was met with legal advice to settle or endure publicity. The prospect of going through something like that again, is a reason that when I photograph a lesion to magnify and review it, I destroy the image, and then use a shredding app on my phone and laptop. Not ideal I know but not something I want to experience again nor does my family or I’m sure anyone who has had a similar litigating experience

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