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[21 min watch] How to deliver an aesthetic skin consultation

Patient consultations are an important first step in any medical or cosmetic skin procedure. The consultation sets the tone for the patient’s whole experience and the level of trust they develop with you, and even influences whether they chose to put their needs into your hands. Additionally, the consultation provides you with patient history and other essential information that determines how you move forward with managing that patient’s concerns. So, how can deliver a great skin consultation?

In this video, Aesthetic Doctor Dianne King demonstrates how to perform a skin consultation with a real patient.

Top 10 tips for providing a positive skin consultation:

  1. Get to know your patient with a warm and happy greeting and try to connect on a personal level.
  2. Consider your body language – sit face-to-face and in full view.
  3. Use your patient’s name, maintain eye contact and don’t use heavy medical jargon.
  4. Ask questions to get to know your patient’s needs, including about their job and lifestyle.
  5. Find out what worked for them in the past.
  6. Ask them about the current treatments and skin products they use.
  7. Make sure you’re on the same page about what the patient is trying to achieve.
  8. Use visual aids such as models and photos.
  9. Keep a database of your patient’s entire history.
  10. Remember details about your patient and mention them in follow-up consultations.



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