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[WEBINAR] Managing hand dermatitis in general practice

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In this webinar, specialist Dermatologist Dr Ryan De Cruz presents on the growing and serious presentation of hand dermatitis.

Dr De Cruz tailors the learning of this condition to general practitioners and healthcare professionals who are seeing increased instances given the current environment with COVID-19. 

Some topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Education on hand dermatitis, its causes and how to manage it.
  • Practical advice for maintaining healthy skin barriers.
  • Recommendations for prevention and management techniques.

The webinar is delivered in collaboration with La Roche-Posay and CeraVe. If you would like to request free skincare samples, please contact your local representative here

Watch the full webinar recording now:

Some of the questions addressed during the webinar include:

  • Could hand sanitiser impact hand dermatitis and how to manage it?
  • Are hand washers more aggravating than ordinary soap? Is QV wash antibacterial?
  • Are non-soap cleansers as effective as soap for hand hygiene?
  • Are there any sanitisers which are more hydrating than others?
  • Are there any differences in treatment of children?
  • Any types of gloves for use among health care workers that have been proven to decrease the incidence of hand dermatitis?
  • Best steroid based regime? Best choice, dose, titration.
  • Best treatment?
  • When should we refer to a dermatologist?
  • Do you recommend the treatment of hand dermatitis with local calcineurin inhibitors?
  • Eczema and fungal infection prevention.
  • Glycerin – effectiveness and potential problems?
  • Hands psoriasis – diagnosis and management.
  • Thoughts on systemic eczema drugs?
  • How can we acutely solve Hand Pompholyx? Patients seem to note squeezing it gives them relief. Creams take >1 hr to resolve.
  • How can you treat occupational hand dermatitis if the patient is required to wash his hands frequently with antiseptic hand wash?
  • How do you clinically differentiate between irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis?
  • How do you treat ‘resistant’ hand dermatitis?
  • How do you treat patients who are chefs with hand dermatitis?
  • How should we direct them for hand sanitisation?
  • How do we differentiate chronic hand eczema from superimposed tinea manum?
  • How do we find the symptoms of fungal and bacterial infections in skin?
  • How do we manage recurrent chronic dermatitis?
  • How do we manage when hand dermatitis affects occupation ?
  • How do we treat LSC?
  • How do we treat patients also with hand eczema (and how to differentiate the two)?
  • I have a problem with patients overusing and mismanaging the product Hydrozole. Do you agree? Any comments or suggestions?
  • I’d love to know more info on repairing and then maintaining ‘tradie’ hands – particularly hands that are already cracked
  • Is hand dermatitis curable?
  • Is it always necessary to use short-term strong steroids for the palms given that it is a thicker layer of the body?
  • Is it really that possible that only soap can limit the risk of the virus?
  • Is pulse treatment of oral steroid useful in chronic dermatitis?
  • Is there a lower age limit for the Cicaplast hand cream?
  • Is there any pathophysiological difference with other dermatitis?
  • Is topical vitamin A ointment a suitable treatment option for patients with sporadic episodes of peri-oral dermatitis?
  • Is using hand sanitiser with alcohol more effective and less dying of the skin than soap?
  • Itchy toes and soles of feet especially during winter – is it dermatitis? How do I manage this?
  • Main causes of hands dermatitis and how to investigate them?
  • Management of dermatitis in pregnancy.
  • Methods for the treatment of dyshidrotic dermatitis of the palms.
  • Maintenance and recurrence / control.
  • Most common skin diseases and how to treat them?
  • Ongoing treatment for hand dermatitis?
  • Opinion about increase in hand dermatitis in the COVID-19 era.
  • Other options you have when rosacea is not responding to different topical creams
  • Safety of potent topical steroids on hands and safe duration of treatment?
  • Should hands be washed in cool water?
  • Suggestions for differential diagnosis in hand contact dermatitis.
  • To wear gloves or not when working? What are the best, most hygienic, least reactive type of gloves to wear with this condition?
  • Treating psoriatic patch in hands.
  • Types of dermatitis.
  • Use of wet dressings on the hands – what would you suggest using?
  • What are the best moisturisers in the setting of eczema?
  • What are the risk factors for hand dermatitis and what is the mode of management?
  • What is the best antibacterial hand wash to use?
  • What is the best cream for a medical professional (a nurse) who suffers from dermatitis secondary to extra frequent hand washing?
  • What is the best moisturiser you would recommend for alcohol and soap related skin irritation?
  • What is the safest, highest potency steroid?
  • What medicine do you use for recalcitrant hand eczema?
  • In what order to apply steroid/emollient to severe dermatitis?
  • What products are most helpful, especially with people who need to use hand sanitiser/wash their hands very frequently?
  • What soaps and hand sanitiser are worst in causing hand dermatitis
  • What would be a recommended repairing and/or barrier cream for young children as they don’t tend to like the feel or greasiness?
  • When to refer for patch testing/investigate/refer?
  • Role of tacrolmus cream and steroid sparing agents.
  • When would you consider allergy testing in patients with hand dermatitis?
  • Which sanitiser is less corrosive?
  • Would using hand sanitiser in tinea manuum exacerbate the disease pathology?
  • Xantheleasma management? And do we need to do punch biopsy for all suspected lesions?

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