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Webinar + Q&A: All your course questions answered!

Are you looking at CPD education opportunities but not really sure how to proceed? In this webinar, our team provides a brief presentation and Q&A with your colleagues, answering all your common questions about our university-assured certificate courses for GPs! The webinar explores face-to-face and online study options, exams, accreditation, RPL, and so much more!

In this free session, you will learn how we can help you meet your CPD requirements, acquire skills to diversify your practice and make the most of our available education opportunities to meet your patients’ changing needs.

The webinar covers:

  • How HealthCert courses are delivered, their flexibility, timings, structure and length
  • Course expectations, workloads and assignments
  • How it all works (online studies vs face-to-face workshops)
  • CPD points, accreditation and certification
  • Who teaches the courses, plus course levels and types
  • RPL options and learning requirements
  • Personal learning plans
  • And much more!

Watch the full webinar recording now:

Some of the questions addressed during the webinar include:

  • Can I complete my studies in less than the average time needed?
  • Can I do a fellowship after this course?
  • Can I get the course recordings in Lebanon?
  • How do I manage my CPD points during times of COVID-19?
  • How do I acquire and accumulate CPD points?
  • How can we do the surgical face-to-face workshops that can’t be done virtually?
  • How do I get my skin course CPD accredited to RACGP?
  • How do I obtain my CPD points for New Zealand?
  • How do we study for the new RACGP interim assessment replacing the OSCE?
  • How does it all work (online studies vs face-to-face workshops)?
  • How long do I have to finish the courses?
  • Is it possible to arrange clinical attachments in Australia?
  • How many CPD points do I need to start my first job as an IMG doctor?
  • I have a gap of around 3 years. What should I do?
  • Are courses available 100% online?
  • Is there a straightforward way for non-fellows not on a training program to meet CPD requirements?
  • Is there an audit process for unintentional duplication?
  • Are there any practical sessions?
  • Is there going to be an KFP/AKT preparation course prior to the October exam?
  • Tell me more about the personal learning plan.
  • Please give an overview of CPD requirements.
  • What is the pathway to becoming a qualified dermatologist after completion of the Professional Diploma of Dermatology?
  • After I finish Professional Diploma of General Dermatology, can I join post diploma fellowship? If so, how and where can I join?
  • For non-physicians, will we still benefit from CPD points?
  • Any courses planned for Perth next year?
  • Does HealthCert have any clinical placements in Toronto, Canada for Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy program?

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2 comments on “Webinar + Q&A: All your course questions answered!

  1. Hi. This page is new for me. Where are the certificates come from? How long it takes to do the Dermatologist certificates? How much it cost? How can I begin? Will I receive the certificate when I finish the course

    1. Hello, you can learn more about the HealthCert Education online professional diploma program in general dermatology at http://www.healthcert.com/dtl

      You can start anytime and the course is fully online. You will receive the certificate when you finish the course.

      Thank you | Abbie – HealthCert Education

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