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[WEBINAR] COVID-19 Clinical Update with Professor David Wilkinson (Week 9)

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In this webinar, Professor David Wilkinson provides a final, informed clinical update and advice for doctors in our ongoing series on COVID-19.

Prof Wilkinson is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie University, as well as a general practitioner, public health medicine specialist and epidemiologist. He gathers details every day from resources available to few, so that he can put together a presentation that is unique from any other COVID-19 information out there.

Some of the topics covered in this webinar include:

  • A comprehensive update on the epidemic in Australia
  • How can we recover from this?
  • Moving into a COVIDSafe environment

Watch the full webinar recording now:

Questions addressed by Professor Wilkinson during the webinar:

  • Will continuation of telehealth beyond September be supported?
  • With cruise ships now seeking bookings, what changes will there be to safety and will travel on a cruise ship contravene international travel restrictions?
  • What do you make of the apparently very low death rate in Russia?
  • In regards modelling then, does it not follow that as Australia tries to lift restrictions having placed the population into lockdowns and without vaccine immunity or herd immunity, the risk factors are all there for a possible second wave that has larger numbers of positive cases and potentially much more stress on our health system than experienced to date? What then?
  • Regarding telehealth – do you think the bulk billing-only prerogative will change for the better? I.e Rebatable to patients if fee charged?
  • Melanoma mortality rate at the moment is probably about seven times that of COVID-19 (in Australia) – a good reason to be continuing skin checks!
  • Update on mutations of SARS-2 and implications for vaccine?
  • Is wearing PPE of gown, mask and goggles a reasonable provision with examining a patient?
  • What are your recommendations for parents with infants (<1yr old)?
  • What’s the risk of COVID-19 and its effects on pregnancy?

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