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[WEBINAR] COVID-19 Clinical Update with Professor David Wilkinson (Week 7)

This is the latest COVID-19 information for GPs and skin cancer doctors. Professor David Wilkinson presents the seventh webinar in our ongoing series to provide an informed clinical update and advice for GPs.

Prof Wilkinson is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie University, as well as a general practitioner, public health medicine specialist and epidemiologist. He gathers details every day from resources available to few, so that he can put together a presentation that is unique from any other COVID-19 information out there.

Some of the topics covered in this webinar include:

  • A comprehensive update on the epidemic in Australia
  • Government policy responses
  • Virus origin
  • Virus clinical features
  • Vaccine development
  • Challenges around testing

We are here to support medical professionals facing these challenging circumstances. Each week, we will hold two webinars + Q&A with expert guidance to assist you in navigating this evolving international public health situation from a clinical and business point of view.

Watch the full webinar recording now:

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Questions addressed by Professor Wilkinson during the webinar:

  •  A red macule or papule at the big toe is due to reduced platelet count or the virus itself?
  • Is it worth buying a Visiomed D200 EVO as it doesn’t require the examiner to go very close to the patient for dermoscopy?
  • In the absence of a vaccine or immunity, what are some possible scenarios of how we will co-exist with the virus?
  • I have growing concern in regards to Kawasaki Disease around COVID-19 – potential death and lifelong onset of cardiac disease although usually mild and resolves short-term. How does this influence the thinking around school-age children and their at-home younger siblings currently not being tested as such in Australia?

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