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[Podcast] 30 years of Dermoscopy with world leading experts – Episode 5

What are the origins of the first hand-held dermatoscope? In today’s podcast – the fifth in our ’30 years of Dermoscopy’ series – we hear from the grandson of inventor Helmut A. Heine, Oliver Heine. Joining him in this episode is the distinguished President of the International Dermoscopy Society, Associate Professor Iris Zalaudek.

Oliver Heine, President and CEO of Heine Optotechnik, shares the story behind the development of the Heine DELTA 10, which resulted from his grandparents’ experiences in 1988. Listen to his riveting account of the genesis of the revolutionary hand-hand dermatoscope, an instrument that has eternally changed the dermatological field and continues to have far-reaching impact.

Leading dermato-oncology researcher, Associate Professor Iris Zalaudek, speaks about her career-long dedication to the field of dermoscopy. She recounts her early experiences with the pioneering technology and her subsequent research into metastatic melanomas at Graz University, which led her to the realisation that dermoscopy and early detection were the optimal methods to address skin cancer lesions.

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